Journey of JIĀ (Chinese for home) is to create a home fragrance collection that portrays nostalgic stories close to my roots.  I grew up going to Asian markets with my mother, where aromas of exotic fruits, incense, dried herbs, and smoked meats drifted in the air.

As I grew into my career, my first love started with wine.  I spent over a decade training with San Francisco's Master Sommoliers, and acclaimed wine producers of Napa/Sonoma where I've worked my nose and pallet over and over to pick up the simplest of elements to artful nuances of wine. Working with an array of fragrances naturally fell into my wheelhouse for my candle making hobby. But I noticed something missing - there weren't any products that reminded me of home. That's when I knew I had to create Asian fragrances for the candle market.

Through my journey, I've learned our senses are universal, but our experiences are subjective and always unique. From my home to yours, I welcome you to find JIĀ.