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茶話 cháhuà

Weekend dim sum is a gathering ritual where friends and family sit around the table filled with dumplings, noodles, pastry buns and glutenous rice wraps of all variations. Tea service is considered just as important as the food itself, so get used to spilling the tea.

Top floral aromas of jasmine, violet, honeysuckle. Bottom notes of ginger, and orange peel. 

NOTE: Imperfect candles may have minor cosmetic defects such as scuffs on jars, discoloration, or mislabels/no labels. But their quality and burn times remain the same. 

Small Batch
All our candles are made of all-natural, USA grown soy. From fragrances free of phthalates, carcinogens, and hazardous toxins down to the lead and zinc free cotton wicks.  We're committed to sourcing quality materials for you to safely enjoy in your home.

Burn Time
8.5oz: ~40 hours
5.5oz: ~20 hours